What is SCOPCOMM™?

  • SCOPCOMM™ is an App for VoIP telephony on smart phones
  • It provides additional professional features to our ScopCloud™PBX platform through native iOS and Android mobile Apps, and support for WebRTC
  • SCOPCOMM™ for Smartphone provides you with the richest features on the market to control the needs of your mobile VoIP application, including:
  • Support for Android and iOS
  • Push Notifications *
  • Audio and Video Calls
  • Voice Conferencing and Video Conferencing
  • Text Messaging (SMS) and Rich Messaging (MMS)
  • File Transfers
  • Call Forward and Call Transfer
  • Smart Contacts

* SCOPCOMM™ leverages Push Notifications for incoming calls and will therefore have minimal effect on the battery life of your mobile devices

SCOPCOMM™ for Desktop natively supports WebRTC while delivering browser-based and native desktop applications to both MacOS and Windows operating systems. On Windows operating systems, it is optimized on W10