Available Features

User Features
System Features
Specialized Features
Software Features
  • Individual mailbox
  • email notification for each vocal message including attached .wav file of the message
  • usual features like Call forward, Call waiting, Transfer, Conference, etc.
  • D N D for Do Not Disturb
  • Automated Attendant, for the system and for the user as well
  • Phone numbers in any area code, with no link to the geographical localization of users
  • Electronic Fax service Fax-E
  • Musique on hold standard or customized
  • Paging
  • Ring Group for Ringing on multiple extensions
  • A C D, for Automated Call Distributor, for the system and for the user as well
  • Find Me/Follow Me feature
  • Softphone for iOS and Andoid cell phone
  • Softphone for Windows and MacOS