Digital technology

From the oldest...

Norstar systems

  • We yet support all versions of all Norstar systems
  • From the small Norstar 3X8
  • And the old Norstar 8X24
  • To the latest ICS versions
  • Both for the Compact ICS (CICS)
  • And the Modular ICS (MICS)
  • Including all Voicemail systems of all versions
  • CallPilot, Startalk Flash, VM, ... the latest

BCM systems

  • Though we use the word «Latest» in this title, these systems have reach their «End of life» a few years back
  • But since they are still reliable, some owners don't want to get rid of them
  • We yet offer our support to all users of  BCM systems
  • BCM50, 400, 450, ...