Our passion, telecoms

«Excellence» anecdote

In 2009, Paul Cooke, at that time working for Bell Technical solutions, a branch of Bell Canada, lost his job after Bell Canada decided to give back the Customer-training department to internal workers instead of Bell Technical solutions. That decision had a greast impact on all trainers since all of them were laid-off.

Paul had to find a solution to his new situation. After almost 25 years in the telecom business. Multi-task in this field, he did not think twice and decided to keep his passion alive.

So he founded his own company, just a few weeks after he lost his job : Formation Excellence Training

His intention, at that time, was to offer Training and technical Help desk to his clientele.

But the clients were more demanding and put more and more pressure on him in order to get what they wanted. So after just a little while, Paul decided to give them what they were asking for. He started selling parts and equipments. Obviously, he started to install as well. He was then asked for Cabling, and so on.

The name of the company did not fit anymore considering all services he provided. So in February of 2014, Formation Excellence Training became Excellence Télécom. More appropriate, this new name incorporated all the services he was then offering. Especially after his decision to offer Voice over IP technology (VoIP) the month before.

Paul is still supporting older digital technology for clients who don't make the VoIP move. But for those who are ready, Paul is offering interresting solutions in VoIP, hosted and non-hosted