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We provide services to our clients who still use their good old digital phone system

Sales, installation and part replacement

Nortel - Avaya - Norstar - BCM

But with technology evolution, we now provide these same services to businesses who decide to switch to the Voice over IP technology offering two different solutions

  • Hosted solution
  • Physical system solution

The Digital technology

Nortel - Avaya - Norstar - BCM

For over 30 years, we take care of all Norstar and BCM systems

Sale - Installation - Part replacement

Phones, parts, activation codes

We have used and refurbished parts in stock. If we don't have the one you're looking for, we deal with suppliers that can get new, refurbished and used parts


Voice over IP (VoIP) technology

Hosted and Non-hosted solution

A Hosted solution proposed by a VoIP provider who offers all services like sale, installation, configuration, client-training and after-sale support

The Non-hosted solution that we propose let you keep a hand on the control of your physical phone system

Yealink - Grandstream

Structured and telephony cabling

For Network and Telephony, we use the same cable quality. In most cases, we now integrate the telephony cables in the same cable and network device support

In respect to the Code de Construction du Québec, we propose FT6 standard cables upon request