The Contest is now over

Thanks to all participants. The new name will be revealed within a few days


"A name to find"

For almost 5 years now, Excellence Télécom specializes in Voice over IP technology. It's now time to have a specific name for that subsidiary which will reflect that link with VoIP technology and sound all professionnal. Who will get the enlightenment and find that sought after name ?? It's your call !!!

Read carefully the following rules and fill out the form at the bottom of the present page.

Good luck to everyone !!

  1. This contest is stricly for Canadian citizens
  2. The number of suggestions is unlimited
  3. The contest will take place from January 1st to January 31st 2019
  4. The main prize is a gift certificate of around 100$
  5. The winner will receive the prize indicated in the form he filled out
  6. The name of the winner will be revealed sometime in February
  7. Excellence Télécom will determine the winner but retains the right to reject all suggestions
  8. Since the company is working in the VoIP technology field, the chosen name will need to be in link
  9. Here are some key words to help : Voice over IP, VoIP, IP, Telephony, Telephone, Phone, Technology, Telecom, Excellence, etc...
  10. New name created from these words, part of these words, or at least in regards of these words will be seriously considered
  11. Crazy or unprofessionnal names wil be rejected at once
  12. On top of that first prize, Excellence Télécom offers 5 second prizes (ALREADY AWARDED, SORRY)
  13. These second prizes are Free Service Call for the first 5 participants who use Norstar, BCM or VoIP technology at work
  14. For a chance to win one of these second prizes, only participants using a phone system like mentioned earlier must indicate YES in the last box of the form
  15. If one participant fills out the form many times with new suggestion, that person could win more than one second prize
  16. The participant who would be declared the winner of the Main prize can very well win second prizes as well
  17. So early participation may give you more chances to win

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