Voice over IP Technology




According to the chosen Plan, numerous features and/or functionalities are available

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Bronze Plan

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinum Plan

  • System languages available (8)
  • Individual mailbox

  • Call park

  • Do not disturb

  • Email notification for vocal messages

  • Attached vocal message

  • Call forward to MB on no answer

  • Free Canada/USA long distance calls

  • Music on Hold

  • Bronze plan plus...
  • Shared device extension
  • Customized Outgoing Caller ID
  • Business AutoAttendant
  • Call forward to MB on busy
  • Silver Plan plus...
  • Individual Auto Attendant
  • Call forward to A A
  • Call recording
  • Individual incoming fax service
  • Gold Plan plus...
  • Follow me
  • Business A C D
  • Individual A C D
  • Call forward to A C D
  • Call forward on Unavailable
  • Call forward on Transfer
  • Call forward on DND