What is VoIP technology?

VoIP technology will provide voice channels via your Internet service. It is available for 15 years and constantly improving since then. Earlier problems encountered are behind us. If you have a performant Internet connection, you will be fully satisfied.

How does it compare to analog technology?

There is no comparison between both but here are a few things.

Analog lines use an external network of cables subject to extreme weather conditions for each lines. Made of copper, this cabling is highly subject to corrosion. Which can result in bad communication every once in a while. This phone line type allows only one communication at a time. To increase the number of allowed calls, you must increase the number of lines meaning the number of phone numbers to create what we communly call «Cascade». Monthly cost is affected tremendously.

VoIP technology works differently. Your voice channels are coming via your Internet service. That connection is provided using Fiber optic or Coax cable by different providers which is not as much subject to bad weather conditions. The voice channels will then be optimal in all circumstances. VoIP technology allows an Unlimited number of simultaneous calls with no regards on the number of phone numbers that you have. The cost per channel is way cheaper than analog lines so no comparison possible here

Compatible phones

Only IP phones will work with this technology. There are many manufacturers out there. Each of them offering one or more ranges of phones giving you access to a great number of phone models. Some being very affordable while others can match the most demanding users. Make your choice !

Do I have access to the same features as I do now?

When a Business using a phone system talks about «Features», it is in most cases question of Voicemail system with individual mailbox for users, Call forwarding, Call waiting, Do not disturb, etc...

With digital phone system such as Norstar and BCM from Nortel, today being bought back by Avaya, these features were offered optionally in most cases. While the Voicemail system was a Stand-Alone with Norstar, it was an individual Software in BCM systems. The above Features were offered on an internal basis for most of them.

With VoIP, all Features and Functionalities are ready to use in each system. Anyone from Voicemail, Auto-Attendant multiple and individual, Call Center multiple and individual or Follow-me, all these features are ready to use. All this without forgetting to mention our Soft phone App available for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. There is no way you will miss a call!

We can then answer YES all your actual features will still be available with VoIP. But in fact, there is so much more than what you get now!